Exposed Concrete

Sunmix Concrete manufactures a range of exposed concrete delivered in southside Brisbane, Logan and Beaudesert.   Exposed aggregate concrete will lift the look of your driveway and entertaining area.

The thing to note about exposed concrete is that it contains natural rock aggregate, which varies in size, shape and colour.  While all attempts are made to ensure consistency, it is possible that variations to the below samples may occur. Sunmix Concrete cannot guarantee that the resultant product and finish will match the example samples below nor its pumpability.

You’ll find below some of Sunmix Concrete’s quality exposed aggregate concrete.  For more information or to order, simply call us on 1300 786 649 or enquire online.

E1 - White

D1 - White and Brown
A1 - Brown
A3 - Black
C1 - Brown and White
A5 - Black and Brown
B3 - Black and White
A2 - Black and Brown
C3 - White and Black
B6 - Black, White and Brown
C7 - White, Brown and Black
D2 - White and Black
B5 - Brown, White and Black
B1 - Brown and White